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An edge from 'commit' to 'push' means that you did 'git commit' right before 'git push'. Thicker edges happened more times.

The sparse version only has edges in the top 99% of transitions.

%3 add add (2%) commit commit (5%) add->commit status status (28%) add->status push push (9%) commit->push pull pull (6%) commit->pull status->commit status->status checkout checkout (6%) status->checkout diff diff (13%) status->diff merge merge (3%) status->merge status->add status->pull branch branch (9%) push->branch push->checkout pull->commit pull->status pull->push checkout->status checkout->checkout checkout->diff checkout->merge diff->status log log (5%) diff->log diff->checkout diff->pull merge->branch merge->push merge->diff --no-merged --no-merged (1%) -no-merged -no-merged (1%) --no-merged->-no-merged -no-merged->branch branch->branch fetch fetch (1%) branch->fetch branch->checkout branch->pull show show (1%) log->show log->push log->log fetch->branch --not-merged --not-merged (2%) --not-merged->--no-merged --merged --merged (1%) --not-merged->--merged merged merged (1%) merged->--not-merged